Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 24th - 26th - Master's Weekend

It was supposed to be three days of riding to really kick off the upcoming riding season. On Thursday, I took the morning off and rode over to Two Brothers Tires in Lawrenceville to get a new set of tires on - the decision was pretty easy once I picked up the nail with Roger and Tim. Tim did a great job - about $60 to put on the tires and the cost of the tires matched what most internet sellers were charging. I am definitely going back.

Friday morning was a ride over for a Barb-e-que lunch with other MTF riders. Up until then, I had only met a couple and didn't really care one way or another, but these guys were great and super friendly. Will definitely do this again. Wanting to see some scenery (plus the weather was perfect) I tried to take as scenic route over and back as time allowed. The town of Ware Shoals, SC may not be much, but the shoals are beautiful. Also, riding past the test track for Michellen was an unexpected surprise.

Saturday was supposed to be a ride with Steve but given his accident earlier in the week, I was on my own. Got off to a late start in the morning - didn't have everything ready - lessoned learned. So I moved on down US78 to meet up with Jim for breakfast. Again a really good group of guys. Then it was off to Sconyers for lunch. Many in the long distance community don't like group rides, but I actually enjoy them at times and it was fun zipping down I-20 as a group of about 20 bikes between Atlanta and Augusta. Lunch at Sconyers was good - though a little un exciting the weather held a number of people back this year. Leaving Sconyers, I got caught up in a pretty good rain storm for a few minutes but quickly dried off by the time I was in Thomspton. Given the weather, I didn't try and do much more than zip on back to help Marie since Landon had a birthday party to go to and she still had clients.

March 13th - Ride with Roger and Tim

Since Marie took Landon over to Charlotte for the start of Spring Break, I had an open Sunday so I took advantage of it with a couple of co-workers. I laid out three different routes and had them choose they chose this one because I said it was only about 170 miles - missed that it was closer to 205, don't know how I missed it.

But it was fun riding with Roger. His riding style closely matches mine and we seem to have a good sense for when we need to stop. Plus he loves to go hard in the curves at times. Tim is a fun rider, but is mostly in the laid back cruising sense instead of wanting to eat up the miles. But I enjoy both of their company on rides. Anyway, I think this is a good afternoon route and one that has a touch of the mountains and a little bit of the lakes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February 11th - Friday Fun Day

Trying to take advantage of (what we were led to believe) was going to be great Friday weather, Steve, Steve, and I played hooky for a couple of hours during the middle part of the day and did a quick 100 mile loop south of Athens. It never really warmed up as they promised it would nor did we see the sun until we got back into Athens. But like they say about the golf course, a day riding is better than being in the office.

February 23 - 25th - Orlando Trip

As a surprise to Landon, Marie treated him to a week at Disney and Universal for his 6th birthday. We all know my "love" for Disney, so I used it as an excuse to stay at home and be a bachelor for the first part of the week. On Wednesday, I drove down to surprise him at dinner for his birthday and then spend Thursday at Universal with him and Marie before heading home on Friday. In all, about 950 miles in a little over 48 hours. The bike is really sweet grinding out the miles on the interstate (as much as I dislike slab riding). The seat modifications, pegs, and new windshield all fit my riding style really well now and I only need to stop for fuel now (about every 200 miles). I was pleased to see that I was averaging 47 mpg on the trip. The route was nothing to write home about - literally down and back on the same roads. Wednesday's trip down was gorgeous with very light traffic. Friday started off with a very strong crosswind (coming at me from the west) until Lake City and then I rode through about 20 minutes of a light rain (not enough to worry about or stop for rain gear). But once I got back into Georgia, the clouds broke and it was a beautiful ride up from there.